Nekode | EduLab

NEKODE is a mobile game for pre-teen girls (ages 9-12) which teaches the basics of coding.

In the game, you have to play with the cat character, called Neki, who is taking adventure through the fantasy cat world and helping other cats on her way.

The tasks that player has to solve are about computational thinking where you develop further useful skills such as logical thinking and decomposing problems. We aren’t teaching any certain programming language in this game.

The reason why we are doing this is because we want to get girls more interested in coding and maybe make them more likely to have interest in STEM fields in the future.



Anna Kupsala: Project manager & visual designer

Saara Savusalo: Art Director

Nikolai Kalinin: Game design & coder

Ryoichi Sakagami: Coder

Anca Popovici: Visual designer

Theresa Widera: Coder & marketing / business


EduLab production | 2017