Wolfdog | dokumentti

Wolfdog | Dokumentti (Sight&Sound lab) | 2017

In Finland humans, wolves and dogs have been living close to each other. Over the years a new breed was developed: the wolfdog. They are part wolf, part dog. It´s a breed that causes a lot of discussions. There is criticism on owning that kind of ´wild´ breed. The wolf part in the dog scares people while others see it as a special feature. Some people claim that wolfdogs are dangerous and terrifying. Others love to keep them as a pet and are a fan of the intelligence and characteristic appearance. But, is a wolfdog really as dangerous as it looks or is it just a sheep in wolf´s clothes?

Work group

Director: Manon Snoeren
Camera and interview: Manon Snoeren and Anni Kestilä
Producers: Manon Snoeren and Anni Kestilä
Executive producer: Heikki Timonen
Editing: Manon Snoeren and Anni Kestilä
Sound: Rabat Kulahmet
Voice-over: Joonas Leinonen
Music: Aleksandar Dimitrijevic